Sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Division
April 9, 10, 11, 12
Lodging and classroom at Snow Mountain Ranch (Winter Park)
Field sessions on Berthoud Pass
$65 for patrollers
$95 for affilliates
$150 for un-affilliated
Costs cover lodging and one dinner ( Saturday night) handouts and a field book
Students are responsible for all other meals, and all textbooks.
There is a cafeteria and grill on campus and the cabins have full kitckens.
This course will be backcountry oriented and students will need to have telemark or AT skis with full metal edges and skins or split boards with climbing skins.
Level 1 Avalanche for Rescue Personnel
(within the last 3 years or show current involvement)
Fill out the application form and be accepted into the program.
Be willing to complete several interactive assignments throughout the winter.
Contact Instructor of Record to receive course applicaion.  
Registration deadline Dec. 20, 2014
Instructor of Record
Brian Ballard
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
(801) 980-1170
IOR in Training
Cindy Gagnon
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Notes from Barbara Florey, RMD Awards Coordinator:

First, I am strongly encouraging everyone to keep an eye out for those fellow patrollers who deserve to be recognized for efforts that go "above and beyond."  As volunteers, recognition andappreciation from peers can be a powerful motivator and also is one of the only ways to reward each other.  This last year, the RMD received far fewer awards than other divisions, and it is because we don't submit the nominations.  I simply can't believe, with the number of patrollers we have, that we don't have people who are doing things every time they ski who deserve to be recognized.  Please run through the listing of awards on the RMD website, or in Chapter 10 of the Policies and Procedures for NSP, to understand the broad array of awards that can be given, and look for fellow patrollers who are deserving.  Nominations need to be submitted to your patrol rep, who will then forward them to a regional board.  Please let me know if you have questions about the process.  The forms for submitting a nomination are on both the NSP website and the RMD website.  (the National Award Committee is very specific about the nomination being typed, not handwritten)

Second, a few years ago the Eastern Division developed a designation they named Patriot Star.  It is to designate those patrollers who served our country in combat.  At the June conference, the RMD adopted this designation but deleted the criteria that the person had to serve in combat.  After discussing this with the Eastern Division several times (they also will probably drop the "combat" requirement eventually) I have their support in using the designation for RMD patrollers also.  The designation is a star patch that is worn between the elbow and wrist, a star lapel pin, and a certificate.  It is a way for all of us to honor those who have served our country, and continue to serve the public through patrolling.  Attached is a form to be filled out, and sent to me, in order to obtain the designation.  Please forward the form to me if you are military, have been military, or know a patroller who was or is military, in order to get the designation, patch and pin.  I will forward a certificate, patch, and pin to the patrol reps so that they may honor the Patriot Star in a manner they feel appropriate. 

Both the RMD and the Eastern Division are hoping the Board of Directors for NSP will eventually adopt this designation system wide.

Thanks.  Call me or email me if there are questions...and go look for patrollers who deserve and award!!

Barbara Florey


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