What is Footbeat?

Footbeat is a first-in-class active recovery device. It is designed to increase circulation in the lower extremities. The engine fits into an insole, which is designed to fit into a Footbeat Moc.  Mike  Marolt, an Extreme Skier notes:  “These things are freaky good. The painful lactic was completely eliminated in 45 minutes today. I could barely walk down my stairs and now I can’t feel a thing. I’d normally take Advil all day for this, but held off to wear these at the office to test them, and they worked. No lactic pain! For me, this type of lactic is a 4-day minimum recovery that has been reduced to 45 minutes with using Footbeat!”  Click here for FAQs.

Footbeat is offering a 20% discount for active Rocky Mountain Division patrollers.  Click the Log In link above to access the link to order.  Click here for more details on the product from their website.

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