Note from Jim Woodrum, NSP Chairman of the Board


As some of you may be aware there have been several staffing changes at the National Office in Lakewood that you need to be aware of. John McMahon, Executive Director, announced his resignation in February. John has accepted another role in the Denver area as the Executive Director for an association that supports the landscaping business. With the support of the Board of Directors, Jim Woodrum and Mike Huber visited the office last week to work through some immediate transition plans and address some of the needs of the office over the next several months. To manage the immediate day to day activities, Bill Finley, current Financial Director, has stepped up to cover any urgent gaps that may exist. The Senior Directors have been involved and worked through the transition items that need to be managed by dividing up parts to help the whole system with their support.

At the same time that John submitted his resignation, Jill Bjerke, Member Records, also had informed the office that she had taken a position that works with children. Additionally, the office has been reviewing resume’s to replace Michele Ericsson, Accountant in the Finance Department, as her husband has accepted a job in another state and they will be moving sometime in March. Last week Jamie Bruhl, also in the Finance Department, is leaving to assist with her father’s business. We wish all of our former staff members the best in their new endeavors.

In the meantime, we are looking at creative ways to get the work done with what we have and will bring in temporary support where necessary to fill in the gaps. We have a Board and Division Director Committee looking at reviewing resume’s to replace John. We are taking resumes and applications at for those interested in the position as Executive Director. The Finance Department is well underway to find candidates to fill the vacancies in March and will be making recommendations to the Board in the near future.

The staff is looking forward to Powderfall with nearly 750 attendees for the April event in Aspen. This will be one of the largest educational events in the NSP history and the staff is looking forward to all those attending. There are so many events that it is difficult to name them all, but suffice it to say there is something for everyone.


Jim Woodrum, Chairman of the Board
National Ski Patrol System, Inc.

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