RMD Eastern Region Awards Meeting February 22, 2017

Dear Patrol Reps, Awards People, and RMD Staff,

The date for the Eastern Region Awards Committee Review Meeting is Wednesday, February 22nd at 7:30pm at Mount Vernon Country Club (MVCC).  We will meet in the Board Room.  MVCC is just a few minutes north of the Genesee Exit 254 on I-70.  The physical address is: 24933 Clubhouse Circle, Golden, CO 80401

This meeting is held to review nominations for national level awards in order that they might sail cleanly through the rest of the process at the National level.  We will also reviewed Merit Star awards, above the Yellow Merit Star level, to be sure that all the right supporting information is present and that the nominated star types are the correct ones for the reasons cited.

If you have nominations that you would like reviewed at this meeting, but will be unable to send a representative, please get the completed nominations to me or Barbara Florey in advance of the meeting and we will get them reviewed by those in attendance and then right back to you with comments or directly moved on in the process, depending what’s appropriate.

Please pass this note on to those within your patrols who handle awards nominations if you are not the one.

Planning to attend or not, please at confirm that you got this note.  I need to provide a head count to MVCC.

If it should go to someone else please let me know who that person is so that I can update my Email list.

Thanks and Happy 150+% Snowpack,


Bruce R. Bacon
Loveland Ski Patrol
RMD Eastern Region Awards Committee Chairperson
425 Colorow Road, Golden, CO 80401
720-480-6639 Cell

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