Think ahead! Awards for RMD Patrollers

All RMD Patrollers

The season is certainly getting off to a slow start…maybe this is a good time to think about awards since we aren’t thinking much about how much snow we aren’t getting.

I am asking (begging) that all patrollers keep the awards in mind as we go through the season.  The RMD does not acknowledge or recognize the great work of our patrollers at the same rate as other divisions, and I would like to see that change.  This year!

  • The NSP awards are as follows:
  • Appointments (National and LCA)             Patroller Cross/Memorial
  • Distinguished Service                                     Outstanding Awards (12 of them)
  • Meritorious Service                                         Unit Citation
  • Merit Stars                                                          National Certificate of Appreciation
    • Gold                                                      Standard Certificate of Appreciation
    • Silver                                                     Division or Regional Certificate of Appreciation
    • Purple                                                   Avalanche Award (Montgomery Atwater Award)
    • Blue                                                       Nat’l Chair Outstanding Admin Patroller
    • Green                                                   Nat’l Service Excellence Award
    • Yellow                                                   Nat’l Ski Patrol Memorial Award
    • Charles Minot (Minnie) Dole Award         NSP Hall of Fame

Please go to the Policies and Procedures on the NSP website and check Chapter 12.  All the details, including who is eligible and how to nominate, is there.   And, the various forms for nomination can be found in your online bookshelf under downloads.  Nominations that are submitted on old forms will not be accepted.

We have repeatedly discussed during National Awards Committee meetings the need to have the nomination forms accepted electronically.  At this point, the National Chair will not accept electronic forms due to inability to verify signatures.  But, if you send them electronically through your regional awards person,     they can then be forwarded to me electronically.  If I have a question about a signature I will verify via telephone.  I will then send hard copies to the national chair for those that need his signature.  The regional awards people are Eastern region Bruce Bacon, Western region Paul Merluzzi, Southwestern Region Dick Porter.

Thanks…I hope to be flooded with nominations.  Don’t wait till the end of the season!

Post expires at 10:14pm on Wednesday May 23rd, 2018

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