RMD Annual Meeting Will be Online

Fellow Patrollers, The Annual Meeting of the Rocky Mountain Division has been cancelled. A survey will be sent to all patrollers to enable us to do a virtual or online meeting June 6-7 with a Budget meeting scheduled beforehand. Details will follow. Please mark your calendar!

Please note:

  • The budget meeting will be scheduled prior to June 6. Be sure and send your budget requests for next season to Marilyn before the meeting.  – Marilyn Burnside info@marilynrburnsidellc.com
  • Advisors & Officers Please send annual activity reports to Ron Splittgerber at ronsplittgerber@gmail.com by May 15, 2020

Marilyn Burnside
2220 So Fraser St Unit 1
Aurora, CO 80014

Link to Agenda: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1C-_UFOsQx99bPm2O7x7L6rWESZu5T9-x4tRn1Dxc65

Send annual reports for activities from this past season to ronsplittgerber@gmail.com for inclusion in the meeting before May 15, 2020

Questions or problems registering?  Send an email to ronsplittgerber@gmail.com

Ron Splittgerber

RMD Communications Advisor

Post expires at 9:55am on Tuesday June 16th, 2020

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