RMD Awards

From: Barbara Florey

To RMD members,

This morning the closing dates for ski areas were announced!  It seems a shame when the snow has been so good.  As the season winds down, please reflect on any incidents where the actions of patrollers merit recognition, as well as individuals or patrols that deserve to be recognized.   Keep in mind that recognition by peers is a valuable thing, even when people say the don’t “need” an award. 

There are a few changes to the awards nomination process that should be noted.  First, no nominations will be accepted in handwritten or snail mail form.  If I receive any in this manner, I will discard them and call or email the sponsor to let them know they need to be re-submitted.  New templates that we updated in January and can be filled out electronically can be found on the NSP website.  Click on Member Resources, scroll down to forms and documents the click on awards.  The new templates are all there, and embedded in the paragraph on the left is a link to the P&Ps, chapter 12, that describes each award.  Also, at the end of the list of templates is a link to enable content.  If you have any questions about who the people are that need to sign the nomination before it gets to me, please email me and I will fill you in.

Don’t overlook the “posting date” and the place to fill in where to send the certificate.  (The posting date is the date it is posted to the member’s profile, thus can be seen by them).

This year, for the first time, the paid patrollers have a representative on the National Awards Committee, so nominations for paid patrollers do not come to me anymore.  The Awards Coordinator for the paid patrollers is Matt Chaffin, from Park City; he can be reached at mchaffin@vailresorts.com.   Please don’t overlook the paid patrollers for awards.  When considering a paid patroller for a national appointment or LCA, please keep  in mind that they don’t need to meet the seniors requirement (OET or OEC) if their mountain training protocols and testing display a level of competence that meets or exceeds the volunteer training.  A checklist of such training protocols needs to be submitted with the nomination.  Matt can give more detail on all nominations for paid patrollers.

In years’ past, there has been much disgruntlement and disappointment when we couldn’t get multiple Purple Merit Star nominations approved for one incident.  Our current chair of the National Awards Committee is much more flexible on this.  So, if you had an incident in which the patrollers acted like a well-oiled machine to save a life, where one person can’t be isolated as a “lead,” and the patron lived for at least 24 hours, please submit all of them for a Purple Star.  (The person who drove the snowmobile is not a Purple Star).

Deadline for all of the National Outstanding awards is June 1.   They should be sent directly to the National office, attention Cheri Overton.  I am happy to give technical advise if needed.

I would like to see lots and lots of nominations!!

Barbara Florey, RMD Awards Coordinator bwflorey@msn.com 

Post expires at 12:56pm on Saturday June 13th, 2020

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