2019 Awards

Dear RMD Patrollers

It is the season for award nominations to be completed.  Traditionally, the RMD has been far short, when compared with other Divisions, in honoring our patrollers who meet criteria for awards.

Please, please, review the criteria for the various awards in Chapter 12 of the policies and procedures and think about how many of your fellow patroller qualify for the awards.  The policies and procedures can be found on the NSP website under Member Resources, then click the governance tab on the right side.  Scroll down to the bottom, where various documents are listed.  Click on 2019 Policies and Procedures.

We all know the remarkable work patrollers do in their effort to keep everyone safe and help everyone have fun on the mountain.  This takes countless hours of dedication, study, and work.  Let’s all acknowledge those who qualify for awards.

National Appointment and Leadership Accommodation nominations need to be reviewed by your regional review board prior to coming to me.  The Eastern Region has already had their meeting, but nominations can still be sent to Bruce Bacon, Eastern Region review board chair at Loveland Ski Patrol.  His email is brucerbacon@gmail.com.  The Western Region review board chair is Paul Merluzzi at pmerluzzi@hotmail.com.  The Southern Region is Dick Porter at  r2+2farm@juno.com.

The review boards often also review all nominations in order to insure that the correct level of award is being considered.  But, awards other than Natl Appts and LCAs can also be sent directly to me.

Outstanding award nominations are due in May and need to come directly to me…do not go through the review boards.   There is a scoring grid in the policies and procedures that show how these awards are scored, and there is also detailed information on how to write the nominations.  For instance, the nominations cannot have any identifying information in them so that objectivity is insured.  If you want to make a nomination for an Outstanding award, please read these criteria very carefully.  If there are problems with a nomination write-up there is generally not enough time to get it corrected before the due date.

I look forward to getting tons of award nominations this year.


Barbara Florey

RMD Awards Coordinator



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