Communications Program

Ron Splittgerber, Program Supervisor

Following problems with the NSP membership records last year (see 2014 report below), the NSP has yet to resolve the issue of not identifying Rocky Mountain Division elected Officers, Staff or provide an up-to-date list of Patrol Representatives. This continues to hamper any effective communications when notices and events are planned. Fewer than half of the Patrol Representatives were listed as of May 14, 2015; there were no division officers listed, and only the Registration Coordinator and Alumni Advisor were listed in as RMD staff. RMD did provide the NSP with an updated roster following the June 2014 meeting, however those updates have not been posted. We will continue to push the NSP for resolution to the accuracy of the membership database.

Another issue with the NSP records occurred in April 2014. Before that time, key advisors (Such as the OEC Supervisor) were able to send an email ‘eblast’ to RMD OEC Instructors to keep them abreast of refreshers and updates to procedures. RMD used the ‘eblast’ to communicate the election cycle for Region Directors as recently as March 2014. However, in April 2014, NSP removed the ‘eblast’ capability, limiting effective communications even more.

RMD continues to focus on the web site at with Steve Denning providing Webmaster services to maintain our communications toolbox.