Outdoor Emergency Transportation (OET)

Dan Powers, Program Supervisor

Advisor Reports – nsprmd2014

S&T = OET (Ski and Toboggan => Outdoor Emergency Transportation)
  • OET Division Supervisor – Dan Powers
  • Eastern Region Supervisor – Mike Kelly
  • South Western Region Supervisor – John Zarling
  • Western Region Supervisor – Pat Trimm
Division-wide Overview
  • Video training – inconclusive evaluation at this point in time.
  • Division OET Supervisor meeting – successful gathering of all divisions to discuss/demonstrate technique and begin the process of revitalizing the NSP training program.
  • Instructor recertification clinic held at Winter Park.
  • Instructor training clinic held at Loveland
  • Introduction of new Cascade Cruiser toboggan which has similar features to the Edge toboggan in addition to a side braking pin for use during loading and three different handlebar positions for varied height handlers.
  • Patrols visited: Snowy Range, Granby Ranch, Sunlight, Powderhorn, Taos, Beaver Creek, Ski Apache
  • 2013-2014 Season proposal:  Hesperus, Santa Fe Mt, Mt. Crescent, Snowy Range
  • 2 toboggans delivered: Ski Apache and Powderhorn
Southwestern Region Report:
  • Due to lack of snow, not much training was had.
  • Visit to Ski Apache by Dan Powers and John Zarling.
  • Pajarito Mountain bankruptcy is being monitored for its impact on the OET program.
Eastern Region:
  • This has been a good year for snow. As a result the Eastern Region was able to hold its annual Instructors Recertification and Instructors Clinic.
  • Winter Park and Loveland both held a Senior Clinic and Evaluation.
  • Instructor’s clinic at Mt. Crescent.
Western Region:
  • Powderhorn certified as a Senior Level mountain.
  • Powderhorn successfully integrating pro patrol with the volunteer patrol for training purposes.
  • Sr. Clinic and Evaluation held at Sunlight that included Ski Cooper patrollers.