Young Adult Program

David H. Phillips, Program Supervisor

The RMD YAP Jamboree was held this year at Sunlight Mountain Resort. They were excellent hosts as always.

  • There were 19 YAPs in attendance from 4 patrols, 11 adult patrollers helping and another 10 family members for a total of 40 participants.
  • The theme for the Jamboree was toboggan training which culminated in an epic challenge to save the snowman (see picture at end).
  • Austin Casey of the Loveland Ski Patrol was selected as the RMD Young Adult Patroller of the Year and will be nominated for the NSP YAP of the Year. Due to the generosity of Ski Logic, Austin received a pair of skis in recognition of receiving the RMD YAP of the Year award.
  • Sponsorship for the event was again outstanding. Many thanks go to Doug and Dave Ginley for spearheading sponsorship.
  • The Jamboree was completed well under budget.
  • Special thanks to the Sunlight Mountain Patrol and Resort for all their help in making this an outstanding event.

2015-2016 Budget Request

The following budget request has been submitted to Scott Tucker:

  • Revenue Projection $2,500
  • Expense Projection $4,000
  • Net Expenditure $1,500

This is the same amount requested last year. Net expenses for the YAP Jamboree for the last 3 years have ranged from $833 to $1,257. The additional amount is requested to support recruitment efforts. This year the YAP program was $667 under budget.

As of the RMD Annual Meeting, I am stepping down as RMD Young Adult Patrol Coordinator and Mr. Trent Meshew of Hesperus Ski Area is taking over. Thank you Trent.