Instructor Trainer (IT) Outside RMD?

Do you have a course registered with National Ski Patrol and want to have a Pro Patroller as IT? Or an IT from another Division? This has been an issue for many in the past. Now NSP has a solution – follow the instructions below. (NOTE: The IT Dropdown on the course registration online form includes only ITs from the IOR’s Division so this work-around has been developed as of September 2019)

  1. Select the “dummy” IT for your division from the IT dropdown list. All divisions have a dummy IT account, using the naming convention of the division name then IT, and that account is set up as an IT for all programs, as below.
  2. Register the course as you typically would otherwise.
  3. Send an email to with the course number and the name and ID of the new IT.
  4. The staff will edit the IT in the back end of the system.
  5. Please leave this “dummy” IT selected in your course or the edit function will not work.
  6. Please email with any questions you have.
  7. NOTE TO DIVISION DIRECTORS: These “dummy” accounts are included in the division Admin patrol rosters so they will show up on the IT dropdown list. Inclusion on a patrol roster is required for that to happen. Thanks for your understanding.

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