NSP Youth Protection Program

Please read the following information carefully.  For those required to complete the Certification, please email the Certificate and your contact information to RMD Director Patrick Trimm after completion.

This NSP youth protection policy is designed to minimize the risk of abuse of youths (defined as protected parties) participating in NSP sanctioned courses or events, ensuring compliance with all state and federal laws governing events or activities involving youths. Protected parties are defined as Young Adult Patrollers (YAPs) and other non-NSP members under the age of 18 who may be involved in support roles during NSP courses or events. This excludes on-hill patrolling activities which fall under area operations where policies of the area would apply.

To meet the goal of protecting our youth, the NSP requires that key NSP leaders and other members working with protected parties will complete youth protection training from an NSP-approved training source. In addition, the NSP will provide reporting guidelines if abuse is suspected or witnessed, as well as guidelines for management of any NSP sanctioned event where protected parties are involved, to provide a safe, nurturing and empowering environment. No form of abuse will be tolerated, and reports of abuse or suspected abuse will be investigated and subject to the NSP Code of Conduct. Our organization will fully cooperate with authorities if allegations of abuse are made that require additional reporting or investigation. It is the duty of all NSP members, NSP employees, and other participants to protect our youth from all types of abuse.

Who must complete the required training?

Individuals in the following positions (if applicable) are required to complete training in a recognized youth safety program:
Patrol Representative, Patrol Director, and Unit Representative in any patrol or other unit in which protected parties are members of the patrol/unit 

  • Assistant Region Directors/Section Chiefs (if applicable)
  • Region Directors
  • Region Program Administrators or Advisors in any discipline in which protected parties participate in courses or other events held within the region 
  • Region Legal Advisors
  • Assistant Division Directors
  • Division Directors
  • Division Program Supervisors or Advisors in any discipline in which protected parties participate in courses or other events in the division 
  • Division Legal Advisors
  • National Program Directors and Advisors
  • National Board Members
  • National Legal Advisors
  • National Safety Team

When must individuals with certified training participate in NSP activities?

  • When protected parties are participating in an NSP course or other event that does not include overnight outings, at least one (1) NSP instructor who participates in the course or other event must have completed the youth protection training.
  • When protected parties are participating in an NSP course or other event that includes overnight outings or lodging, at least two (2) NSP instructors matching protected party demographics participating in the event must have completed the youth protection training. In other words, if the outing includes a male participant, there should be at least one male instructor. If the outing includes a female participant there should be at least one female instructor. Each protected party’s parent or guardian may approve of an adult chaperone for the protected party during the NSP course or other event. Any adult participating in the NSP course or other event, who has completed the youth protection training, may be designated an adult chaperone. If a protected party’s parent or guardian is participating in the NPS course or other event, then no additional chaperone is required and that parent or guardian is not required to complete the NSP-required training.

Where can I access the training?

To Enroll:
Please use this link to enroll and create your user name and password:
Registration code: skipatrol

To Log in:
Use this link to log in with the username and password you just created:
1. Go to http://website.praesidiuminc.com/login  
2. Enter your login and password.
3. Click the orange Login button.
4. On the next page, scroll down the page a bit until you see the courses listed.
5. Click the title of the course to open and view it.

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