Certified Program

Roman Gallegos, Program Supervisor

NSP RMD Certified Program

Roman Gallegos Rocky Mountain Division Certified Supervisor.

First, I would like to thank all the certified supervisors before me that laid the foundation.  The NSP Certified program supervisors consists of all divisions.  The current certified program chairperson, Sal Mascarenas, is from Intermountain Division.  He holds monthly meetings with all the divisions via zoom. All are welcome but did you know that less than 1% of all NSP members have obtained Certified Status? With this noted, I have been involved with spreading the word so to speak to as many RMD patrols as possible to include paid patrols.  In the RMD, all certified clinics are held to the Association of Professional Patrollers (APP). I am one of few to do both APP and NSP Certified testing.   There are 9 modules and starting next season there will be 10 modules.  Last year’s Annual RMD Conference held in Denver, I held classroom work and went over what is expected in the Medical, Risk Management, and Hill safety modules.  It was a great success and anyone can join the certified program with a patrol directors’ permission.  You do not have to be fully certified to stay in the program but it is recommended to become fully certified.

This year clinics were held at Pajarito, Ski Santa Fe, Angel Fire, and Red River.  Testing was done at Angel Fire, Red River, and Snowbowl Arizona.  Patrollers from California, Utah, Colorado, Oregon, Arizona, and New Mexico attended the annual APP conference.  Patrollers representing New Mexico were from Angel Fire, Taos, Red River, Pajarito, and Ski Santa Fe.  The annual conference had one person from Arizona Snowbowl certified. There was a total of approximately 80 written tests and about 60 practical tests given throughout all the testing clinics.  More changes are happening at local ski areas where some practical modules cannot be offered.  Avalanche control is one where it is nearly impossible to get practical experience with explosives.  A good reason to get more paid patrols on with the testing. Telluride just became part of the certified program during the Arizona Snowbowl Annual conference. Taos is thinking of putting on another blasting clinic in the next few years. Ropes has been separated into low angle and high angle (Chairlift/Gondola Evacuation) rescue because insurances will not cover outside staff when taking the practical portions for high angle but the RMD will soon offer this at certain areas.

I attended an Eastern Division Certified test this past season held at Killington, New Hampshire where all division supervisors were present. What a great clinic and testing.