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January is National Safety Month
National Safety Week has now become National Safety Month! Now the month of January will be dedicated to an entire month of safety. Many Rocky Mountain Division Resorts and resorts across the nation participate every year to educate skiers and snowboarders about being safe and to use common sense on the slopes.

To help spread the word, consider hosting a safety-focused event or series of events at your ski area this season. Need inspiration? Included in your Safety Kit that the Division has purchased for every resort is a list of ideas. We have also included the list with this email. Also in your kit are neck gators, stickers and brochures.

National Safety Month includes a poster drawing contest, a photo contest, and participating resorts also compete for safety awards. Each resort supports Safety Month in different ways by creating new and exciting initiatives on their mountain.

The NSP does this month in conjunction with the National Ski Area Association. On their website ( you can find a list of programs to learn and use. Ideas include, Smart Style/Park Smart, Lids on Kids, Kids on lifts, Lift Safety, Collision Safety, Responsibility Code and Sun safe on the slopes to name a few.

One of the main objectives on the NSP is mountain safety. Please consider participating with events, knowledge training, or school outreach, or other ideas you might have. The team would appreciate a short email with planned ideas and events. The national board has its annual meeting the weekend of January 10, 2020. If you return an email to Dave Hickey at and give him a list of items, it would help the board to see what resorts are planning and doing.

If you have any Questions, please feel free to reach out to Dave Hickey at

Thank you,

National Safety Team
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The board election opens on Tuesday, October 15, 2019, at 4 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time and will run through Monday, December 2, closing at 4 p.m. Mountain Standard Time. The "Ask the Candidates 2019 Forum" is a place where you can ask questions of the candidates. To visit it, click the link here: ... See MoreSee Less

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1 years ago

Christine Cox Garrison

Hello RMD, my name is Christi and I am running for the Board of Directors. I started in RMD almost 10 years ago the bad a 3 year experience in the International Division while my husband was stationed in Germany for his job in the Air Force. We are currently back in the states and happy to be back patrolling in the RMD! I would greatly appreciate any support and if anyone has any questions please contact me. ... See MoreSee Less

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